About Me

Welcome! I am currently a first year PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Dr. Jinlong Wu. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing at University of California, Los Angeles, where I worked with Dr. Koffi Enakoutsa.

My academic work has been uploaded to the UCLA Computational and Applied Mathematics Archive and ResearchGate. My paper “Some Numerical Simulations Based on Dacorogna-Marcellini Example Functions in Favor of Morrey Conjecture” with Prof. Koffi Enakoutsa from UCLA has been submitted to the Journal of the American Mathematical Society and is now under review. It addresses an optimization problem pertaining to the Morrey Conjecture, which concerns the quasi-convex and rank-one convex characteristics of functions. To achieve this, we have utilized numerical approximations through a mesh we designed for the vector gradients that were incorporated in our steepest descent methods. Our numerical simulations have effectively demonstrated the validity of the Morrey Conjecture by establishing that the Dacorogna and Marcellini example functions, belonging to a certain class of rank-one convex functions, fail to adhere to Jensen’s inequality, indicating that they are not quasi-convex.